Laura's 2013 fall kick off with live drummer Rodrigo Bonelli

2013 Fall Kickoff Event

Laura                                                                                                     Maria Torres

2012 Orlando Florida Zumba Convention   Click Photos to enlarge

 Laura was thrilled to attend this years 2012 Zumba convention with her friend and fellow instructor Maria Torres. Thousands of Zumba instructors from 79 countries converged on Orlando for four days of training sessions. Laura is very pleased to have been licensed in Zumba Sentao which she will be adding to her classes soon. She also took workshops in Latin Pop, Old School Latin, Crazy Country, Salsa and Merengue Mash-up. 

Laura and Maria Torres at the beginning of Convention.

Melanie Guzman and Carolina Arias demonstrate the new Zumba program called "Sentao" workout.

Laura with Warm-up & Cool down  Specialist, Maria Stone.


Maria Torres, Dorrie Wexler, official Zumba presenter and Laura.

One of Zumba's stars Lindsey Taylor presenting the Latin Pop workshop.

Laura at the Warm-up and Cool
down class.


Posing with Walter Diaz, the presenter of Salsa & Merengue Mash-up.

Laura took a workshop with Walter Diaz
(in the hat) called Salsa and
Merengue Mash-up.

Posing at the theme party. Laura
is second from the right.


Laura and Maria Torres posing in front of a picture of Beto Perez.

Maria, Eddie Calle, official
Zumba presenter and Laura.

The ride home from the dance Through The Decades Costume Party.


2010 Zumba Instructor Convention   Click Photos to enlarge

LEFT: Flamenco Fever Specialty Boost with Jose Junco and The Men of Zumba.  RIGHT: Laura with Tricia Traux, a Zumba veteran and one of the first official Zumba studio owners. See Tricia's website at: Zumbaintheville.com



"We Are One...a Zumba World Party". The father of Zumba, Beto Perez is onstage with a group of Zumba enthusiasts in costumes from their country of Puerto Rico.


Amy Olin, Zumba instructor North Castle NY, Zumba Education Specialist Ali Ramirez and Laura.


Laura with Zumba Education Specialist George Hu




At the costume party! Laura and the New York State contingent. (Amy Olin is the second from the left.)


Zumba CEO, Alberto Perlman with Laura & Amy Olin (Zumba Instructor in the Armonk / Pleasantville NY area & with North Castle Parks & Recreation)


Laura with Aldo Alberto Garcia. He calls himself "Aldo the Cuban" & is an architect & Zumba instructor


2009 Orlando Florida Zumba Convention   Click Photos to enlarge

Laura and Dorie Wexler,
owner of Springs Salsa
and Dance Fitness.

Laura and Ailton Andrade of Brazil.
(Presenter of the Brazilian Carnival

Laura with Zumba's
Anne Saldie.


Laura with a Zumba Japanese representative.

Laura with Laura Caria of Venezuela and
her dance team. (Caria was
the presenter
of  the Mexi-Caribbean workshop

Laura in costume at the
Convention 80's Party.


2009 Canadian Master Class Event
"Laura Rockin' the warm-up at Canada Master Class Event"

Laura Solow Zumba WestchesterLaura Solow warming up the Zumba class

Laura conducting the warm-up for Jen Robinson's Zumba event in Canada

Laura Solow Zumba Westchester
The far right photo: Back row, left to right: Skye Bowen, Anna Marchenko, Laura, Anna's husband and dance partner Ricardo Marmitte and the event's host, Jen Robinson. In the front is Luisa Mayhew.


2008 Orlando Florida Zumba Convention   Click  Photos to enlarge

Laura Solow Zumba Westchester with Jen Robinson
Laura being greeted
by Canadian fitness expert,
Jen Robinson.

Zumba's Gina Grant and Laura at the Halloween party.

Laura, Jen and the owner of Studio Zumba in Palm Bay, Florida, Alyce Howard.
At the 2008 Convention Laura certified in Zumba Level 2 and Zumba Toning.
She has incorporated these into her program.

Guests & News & Special Activities


In October 2011 Laura joined fellow Zumba instructor and breast cancer survivor, Amy Olin and other
Zumba friends to raise funds for the American Cancer Society's "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer".


Eduardo Fajardo, Master Zumba Education Specialist did a master class in November, 2011
Click  Photos to enlarge

Presentation boardLaura and Eddy
Laura hosted a master class with
Eddy Fajardo for her students, instructors and outside people.
Above left is the presentation board Laura made with autumn leaves to present Eddy.

Eddy Fajardo

Attendees of the master class

Laura and Eddy with her attendees of the class.

  Carlos Doņan, gave us a wonderful master class in December 2010
Carlos Doņan (Performer / Choreographer / Artistic Director) taught us a wonderful master class. Doņan is a gifted teacher of tap, jazz, acro-dance, modern, lyrical, folklore, and salsa and has taught in academies, given workshops, performed with various companies, and in festivals, parades, and other groups. Please visit Carlos' web site: www.carlosdonan.com

Laura, (seated front center) with her class. Carlos Doņan is kneeling right behind her.

  Eduardo Fajardo, Zumba Education Specialist thrilled us with a master class in June, 2010

Eduardo Fajardo, a ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) thrilled us on June 6, 2010 by teaching a master class. Eddy has been in dance and fitness over 20 years and teaches throughout the tri state area.

  Laura Caria, Zumba Education Specialist teaching a master class to our students.
Laura Caria, a ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) from Venezuela teaching a master class to our students.

   Travels and Reaching out...

ABOVE LEFT: Our own Angelo coordinating with DJ Francis (Beto Perez's personal dj) at the "A World Without Breast Cancer Zumba Master Class" event in New York City. (Beto Perez is the founder of Zumba). The event was hosted by Samuel Salazar and Angelo had the honor of playing the conga drums.

ABOVE RIGHT: In January 2010, while in Puerto Rico, Laura (right) took a class at Our Lady of America Fitness Studio. She wanted to experience Zumba in the land of salsa.


Students & Classes



Angelo and Laura

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